Atlas Copco ROC L8 and SmartROC D65

VM Drilling’s Atlas Copco ROC L8 fleet is designed for versatility across all applications of drilling including in-pit Grade Control and first pass exploration drilling.

Utilising these rigs instead of the traditional style large RC machines, VM Drilling is able to offer clients full coverage of pits when drilling Grade Control. These machines can set up parallel to a high wall and drill at right angles, where traditional RC Rigs would be unable to set up successfully on the hole location, potentially compromising the ore model.

VM Drilling’s machines have ample power to deliver high penetration rates and have a rod handling capacity for hole depths of 54 metres in the carousel with the ability to load additional rods directly from the support truck to achieve depths of up to 100 metres for exploration work if required.


All of VM Drillings Atlas Copco L8 Grade Control Drill rigs support the following features:

Hydco 800

Hydco 800 rigs, custom built by Hydco, have been designed and proven to drill to depths in excess of 700 metres. They have an ergonomically designed control panel, 50 ton track base with integrated fuel and water cells and 360 metres of rod carrying capacity on board. The track-mounted rig is a very maneuverable and compact unit, perfect for any terrain while maintaining employees’ safety as a top priority.


Hydco 800 rigs have the following features;

Hydco 800 rigs come with high capacity booster and auxiliary units and all-wheel drive support equipment to complement the package.

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What our Clients are saying...

I have used VM Drilling since 2004 and have found them to be professional, supportive with flexible rig scheduling, have an ability to deliver on target metres and be cost effective. They deliver this with a sound approach to safety. Their ROC L8 rigs provide the in pit mobility and versatility required to drill the trickiest of holes. I highly recommend using VM Drilling for any grade control programme.

- Darryl Mapleson, Director BM Geological Services