VM Transport

VM Drilling owns and operates a subsidiary internal transport company, VM Transport.

With a Western Star prime mover, a 30 ton tri-axle float and a 40 foot tri-axle sea container side lifter, VM Drilling offers the transportation of VM drilling rigs and ancillary equipment to site, saving on mobilization costs to clients.

VM Transport’s sea container lifter has the ability to transport either a 20ft, a 40ft or two 20ft sea containers at once. Utilizing unique lifting aids, this unit can lift two 20ft sea containers at once with a payload of up to 36 ton and has the ability to stack sea containers 2 high.

VM transport is also available for general freighting requirements across Australia.

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What our Clients are saying...

I have used VM Drilling since 2004 and have found them to be professional, supportive with flexible rig scheduling, have an ability to deliver on target metres and be cost effective. They deliver this with a sound approach to safety. Their ROC L8 rigs provide the in pit mobility and versatility required to drill the trickiest of holes. I highly recommend using VM Drilling for any grade control programme.

- Darryl Mapleson, Director BM Geological Services